Depend Adult Diapers

August 8, 2014
Depend Adult Diapers

A name brand across the healthcare industry, Depend adult diapers have long been touted by doctors for their multipurpose functions in cases of both urinary and fecal incontinence.

Hailed as a reputable incontinence supplier since 1984, Depend is one of the most popular brands recommended by physicians for their absorbency range, gender-oriented products, and safeguarding accessories.

When it comes to Depend products, there are a number of options available to contain urine and stool, while ensuring sensitive skin is protected in the process. For newcomers, Depend adult diapers are a good start in helping incontinence sufferers manage their symptoms, while restoring their autonomy and quality of life.

In order to choose the right Depend product tailored for your needs, you should become familiar with the various incontinence supplies available, along with the disparities that discern each product from the next. Unsure of where to begin? Doctors offer the following product guidelines to determine what product is best suited for you:

  • Depend Adult Diapers (Briefs): Adult diapers, also referred to as briefs, are the most common form of incontinence products used by caregivers. With adjustable taped sides and standing leak guards, briefs are fashioned out of ultra absorbent materials for maximum protection. Adult diapers are used by individuals battling complete loss of control over bodily functions, and given their high absorbency levels, they are typically reserved for wearers who are predominantly inactive.
  • Depend Adult Diapers (Pullups): Pullups are typically referred by doctors in cases of moderate to heavy loss of bladder control. Made with elasticized waistbands, the ‘pullups’ name stems from the flexibility that enables them to pulled off and on as easily as real underwear. Pullups are discreet and far less bulky than Depend adult diapers, while still offering leakage protection. This option is recommended for ambulatory users who prefer less cumbersome products in light of their active lifestyle.
  • Depend Shields: With extra absorbent materials, these products are similar to adult pull ups in their protection against moderate to heavy leakage. Shields are ultra-thin and worn inside your underwear. Simply remove the adhesive strips and adhere to your undergarments for discreet, safeguarding control.
  • Depend Guards: Similar to Depend Shields, these products are recommended by doctors for light to moderate loss of bladder control. Used like Shields, these guards are fitted inside one’s own undergarments, but are reserved for lighter incontinence days.

If you are unsure of what incontinence products will work best for you, seek out the advice of your doctor who may recommend Depend adult diapers or similar undergarments/accessories that are tailored to your specific needs. Always remember, comfort and security are essential factors that should drive your buying decisions - and when that time comes, always count on Magic Medical as the #1 provider for your incontinence supplies.