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There are Pullups and Adult Diapers (briefs) on this page. The Pullups are called Protective Underwear.

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The makers of Prevail adult diapers and pullups use state-of-the-art technology to make their products the best they can be for wetness protection and your skin health.


100% Breathable: A fully breathable moisture barrier that allows skin to breathe, currently available on Prevail Air™ Adult Briefs, which include heavy and overnight absorbency levels.

360° Breathable Zones: Ventilated side panels that allow the skin to breathe, promoting comfort and healthy skin by reducing a build-up of heat in your garment.

AirMax Layer: Specially formulated breathable poly layer traps wetness inside the pad but allows air, heat, and humidity to escape, keeping you cool and dry. 

Back Label: Size printed on inside waistband.

Cloth-Like Outer Fabric: Soft, breathable outer fabric that promotes comfort and reduces the risk of skin irritation associated with traditional, plastic-lined incontinence products.

Comfort Shape®: Elastic strands added to product for a more body-hugging fit and ultimate discretion.

Designed for Men: Protective underwear designed specifically for the male body.

Designed for Women: Protective underwear designed specifically for the female body.

Direct Lock Panels: Adult diapers with panels that can be grabbed between the two Easy-Lock Fastener® Strips to release and attach without unfolding tabs.

Doublesorb Layers: A soft, dual core system that helps lock up moisture away from skin.

Dri-FitA proprietary material that combines the comfort of cotton and the protection of synthetics to keep skin cool and dry, making adult diapers and pullups feel more natural.

Easy-Lock Fastener® (ELF®) Tabs: Tabs with a strong grip and hold that allow them to be refastened multiple times for improved fit, so the adult diaper doesn't have to be changed each time the tabs are adjusted. People who switch to Prevail protective hygiene products report fewer ripped tabs than with their previous products.

Expandex Wings: Stretch panels made with a soft, flexible material that gives the adult diaper a secure body-hugging fit.

Extended Use: Adult diapers and pullups designed with superior absorbency for long-wear use day or night. People who switch to Prevail report fewer nighttime leaks than with their previous products.

MaxSorb Gel: Technology that quickly locks up wetness to keep wearers feeling dry and comfortable.

Microclimate Care™: A favorable microclimate with Prevail's performance features to maintain normal skin temperature and moisture at the skin.

Omni-Odor Guard®: A technology that helps prevent odors before they even start by reducing the total amount of odor-causing ammonia produced by bladder leakage. People who switch to Prevail report urine odor less than with their previous products.

Skin Smart® Fabric: A hypoallergenic fabric that contains Vitamin E along with natural botanicals Aloe and Chamomile to protect, sooth, and promote healthy skin.

Stretch: Stretchy side panels that are easy to grab, pull, and attach for an adjustable fit that is secure and comfortable.

Thinner Core: An innovative core that allows you to move freely with more discretion.

Unisex Designs: Adult diapers and pullups designed to fit both males and females.




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