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There are Adult Diapers (briefs with tabs) on this page. Attends offers a full line of adult diapers and pullups to suit all lifestyles and sizing needs. Attends adult diapers (briefs) are designed for heavy to severe incontinence for both ambulatory and bedbound users.

Try the new Attends Premier Briefs for the most absorbent, highest quality diaper that Attends makes. It holds up to 4 liters of fluid! 

The Attends 3XL pullup is the largest pullup you can get.

Attends Premier provides a range of ultra-soft, high-performing, disposable adult diapers, pullups and underpads designed to manage heavy urinary or fecal incontinence. These products were built to have full coverage and protection where it’s needed most. The unique, shaped design with Dry-Lock® Containment Core and ConfidenceCuff™ provides comfort and security all day, or all night. Attends Premier also includes SmartCool™ Breathability in the briefs and protective underwear for 100% breathability throughout the entire product.

If you’re looking for the best product for yourself or a loved one, trust in Attends Premier. 

If you don't need the highest absorbency in your pullups or adult diapers, Attends offers a wide range of products from light to heavy absorbency to meet your needs.

Try the Attends Bladder Control pads for light leaks that can be contained without an absorbent garment.

We also have pullups designed specifically for Men or Women, with the absorbent core placed where it's needed most.

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