Abena AbriForm Adult Diapers & Pullups

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Abena is a well known European manufacturer of adult incontinence products. We carry only the most absorbent of the Abena line, the level 4 in briefs (tape on diapers) and the level 3 in the pullups/protective underwear. The original Abri-Form 4's still have a plastic outer cover and the Premium (formerly Air-Plus) have a breathable, clothlike outer cover.

We carry 4 of Abena's most popular pads: AbriMan, AbriSan Fecal Pad, AbriSan 4 Premium Shaped Pad and AbriLet Maxi Booster pads and the new Abri-Form Junior, the most absorbent diaper on the market for children who have grown out of baby diapers.

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The manufacturer has two videos with instructions for putting their briefs on (hosted on Vimeo):

Unassisted application
Application with assistance, standing position

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