19. Disposable Bed Pads (Chux)

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These are disposable underpads, often called chux or blue pads, that have a plastic waterproof backing and a soft absorbent top layer. The Durasorb and Protection Plus has moderate to heavy absorbency, the Protection Plus Deluxe is polymer assisted for very heavy absorbency.

The Attends Night Preservers are also polymer assisted, recommended for overnight use.

Low Air Loss beds require special underpads that are now available here! You can get them in the deluxe weight in the Airstream line or the premium weight in the Ultrasorb line!

We carry the Sta-Put disposable underpads by Kendall with adhesive strips on the bottom to secure the pads to the bed. For superior absorbency, try the Tranquility Peach Sheets with an adhesive tab on each corner of the pad.

If you are looking for a disposable tuck-in pad, we now have the Protection Plus tuckable pads in the deluxe weight and Attends Tuckables.

PLEASE NOTE: Underpads cannot be returned for credit because of the damage that is caused by return shipping.

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