7. Abena Adult Diapers & Pullups

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Abena is a well known European manufacturer of adult incontinence products.

We carry only the most absorbent of the Abena line, the level 4 in briefs (tape on diapers) and the level 3 in the pullups/protective underwear. The original Abri-Form 4's still have a plastic outer cover and the Premium (formerly Air-Plus) have a breathable, clothlike outer cover.

We carry 4 of Abena's most popular pads: AbriMan, AbriSan Fecal Pad, AbriSan 4 Premium Shaped Pad and AbriLet Maxi Booster pads and the new Abri-Form Junior, the most absorbent diaper on the market for children who have grown out of baby diapers.

The manufacturer has two videos with instructions for putting their briefs on (hosted on Vimeo):

Unassisted application
Application with assistance, standing position

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