29. Gloves

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We offer a wide selection of exam gloves. You can find one here that will meet your needs!

If you prefer Latex, we have PowderFree textured Latex and Aloe Touch PowderFree Latex. For those dealing with sensitivity to Latex, we offer several Latex-Free (Vinyl) options. In both latex and vinyl, we offer AloeTouch gloves which are coated with Aloe on the inside to soothe dry chapped hands. For those dealing with harsh chemicals, we offer Nitrile gloves, a strong, soft alternative to latex, all chemo-tested.

The best value is the SensiCare Silk Nitrile gloves by the case. There are 250 gloves per box for $14.58 a box, which is 6 cents per glove for a high quality Nitrile glove.

Give one (or more) of these a try!