8. 2XL, 3XL & 4XL Bariatric Adult Diapers & Pullups

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There are Pullups and Adult Diapers (briefs) on this page. The Pullups are called Protective Underwear.

We now have 3 brands of 3XL pullups available!  

Medline Fitright 3XL fits waists from 75" to 94" and has heavy absorbency.  Only $1.41 per pullup!

Attends Premier 3XL fits waists from 74" to 92" and has maximum absorbency.  The cost is $2.25 per pullup.

Wellness 3XL fits waists from 80" to 95" and also has maximum absorbency. The cost is $2.50 per pullup.

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