Use Booster Pads for Extra Protection

Magic Medical

Added Protection for Extended Wear and Leakage Control

Many people think that putting a Poise pad or other maxi pad into their absorbent underwear or diaper adds additional absorbency, but that's wrong.

Poise and other brand protective pads have a waterproof backing that prevents fluid from flowing through the pad into the garment underneath.  The pad then fills to capacity and fluid flows around the sides of the pad and to the leg openings of the underwear or diaper.

Booster pads  are made of absorbent material without a moisture-proof outer layer. These flow-through products add absorbency and improve comfort by ending leakage, rash and nighttime changes. Booster pads  are placed inside a primary absorbent garment like a diaper or pullup. If the diaper or pullup has interior leg cuffs, the pad is placed in between those. They are designed to fill to capacity and then allow additional fluid to pass into the garment, economically extending the use of the primary garment.

Reasons for using booster pads:

- For active individuals out and about who don't want the inconvenience of removing their clothes to change their pullup or diaper, one can easily remove and replace the booster pad, keeping the primary garment in place. (discreetly disposing of the used product)

- For individuals needing extended wear time with no embarrassing accidents. (doctors’ appointments, movie and dinner, travel on planes, weddings, etc.)

- For immobile individuals with multiple voids who need to remain on one side for sleep, booster pads can be positioned in special targeted areas for extra absorption. (pads can be placed over the hips)

- For bowel incontinence use the TopLiner Contour with the wider hourglass shape, the soft surface makes cleanup easier.

- For exceptional circumstances and unique body shapes the pads conform to the body shape and keep the skin dry.

Booster pads  are an economical way to extend the use of your briefs and may be used to reduce nighttime changes and improve sleep patterns as well as minimizing caregiver strain. They fit easily inside of any adult diaper and allow for quick and easy cleanup.  Boosters  will improve comfort, confidence, and overall wearability of many incontinence products.

Magic Medical offers a wide range of booster pads to fit your needs:


TopLiner Booster Pads

Tranquility Topliner Booster Pads are rectangular, have an adhesive strip and come in two sizes: Regular and Super.  The Regular is 14" x 4" and holds10.9 oz. and the Super is 15" x 4.25" and holds 14.20 oz. The TopLiners can be used in either pullups or tab-style diapers.


TopLiner Super Contour Booster Pads

The TopLiner™ Booster Contours are hourglass shaped and come in two sizes: Booster Contour and Super-Plus Booster Contour. The wider design and larger absorbent area of the TopLiner Contour boosters can help make changes less frequent.  The Booster Contour can absorb 13.6 oz. of liquid before pass-through while the Super-Plus can absorb 27.5 oz. The Super-Plus Booster Contour best fits  2XL-5XL briefs.

The Contours aren't ideal for use in pullups.  If you would like to try them in your pullup, the manufacturer recommends that you fold the wide sides inward so they don't overlap onto the stretchy part of the pullup.

All TopLiner™ Booster Pads feature Tranquility’s patented Peach Mat Construction, a unique blend of fast-acting and extra-absorbent polymers that can handle even the heaviest incontinence episodes. The Peach Mat Construction will keep the skin dry, prevent the damaging effects of moisture while reducing odor and neutralizing urine ph.

Abena Abri-Let Booster Pads

Abena Abri-Let Booster Pads are rectangular shaped and are larger than the TopLiners, at 22" x 6".  They will hold approximately 16 oz. before flowing through to the primary garment. They don't have an adhesive strip.  They can be used in both pullups and tab-style diapers.


Attends Booster Pads

Attends Booster Pads are designed to boost absorbency of other Attends products. Made of soft, breathable material and odor-blocking properties, the ultra-slim booster pad has a full-length adhesive strip to hold it securely in place. They are 11" long. The manufacturer doesn't specify how much fluid it holds.


FitRight Double Up Booster Pads

FitRight Double Up Booster Pads are rectangular shaped and are 11.5" x 3.5". They feature odor control and an adhesive strip to secure the pad to a diaper or pullup.  Comfortable and gentle on the skin.

You can see all of our booster pads on our  Booster Pad page. Compare and see what's best for you!