A Closer Look at Medline FitRight Stretch Adult Diapers

Magic Medical

Ultra Stretch for Better Fit and Comfort

Each side panel has 2 added areas of stretchable fabric to hold secure to body contours, yet provide flexibility for easy movement.

1. Soft, flexible Anti-Leak Guards

2. Single, centered tab with resealable, skin-safe closure for easy application

3. 2 zones of stretch on each side panel for increased comfort and a more secure fit

4. SensiSoft™ fabric feels comfortable and gives a discreet, garment-like natural feel

5. Inner absorbent layer wicks moisture away from skin


2 stretch zones and large wide tabs allow for a comfortable, effective, custom fit.


Anti-Leak Guards and super absorbent core ensure leakage protection over time.


Flexible stretch panels and SensiSoft™ fabric guarantee the most comfortable fit.

FitRight® Briefs Provide state-of-the-art incontinence care.  Made with a unique dual core that wicks away moisture and provides extended protection, FitRight briefs address two important incontinence concerns—keeping skin dry and maintaining skin integrity.

Recommended for those who: 

Are bedridden

» Have severe urinary and bowel incontinence

» Need containment and maximum protection against moisture


» 4D-core with odor protection » Individualized, garment-like fit

» Linear Embossing Technology for improved wicking and dryness

» AquaDry Plus acquisition layer helps keep fluid away from skin

» Moisture Alert wetness indicator Side panels

» Skin-safe closures can be repositioned and refastened as needed

» Breathable for increased airflow and comfort Backsheet

» Cloth-like for extra softness

» Natural feel

» Discreet, quiet