Don't Double Diapers!

Kathleen Van Vliet

from Tranquility Products:

We talk to consumers daily to help solve their incontinence related issues. Many times, we recommend inserting a booster into a proper-fitting high absorbency product, to get the needed extra absorbency at an economic price. One of the most problematic issues we hear about is what is called “Diaper Doubling.” Consumers share that to get more absorbency and protection from leakage, they use two incontinence products, like two briefs or two pull-ups (or one of each). They want to increase absorbency, and most commonly will use a feminine care hygiene product inside a diaper or layer a brief with a pull-on for overnight security.

Do NOT Double Diapers!

Why not? Because incontinence products (disposable briefs, disposable absorbent underwear, liners, pads, guards) feature a moisture-proof backing. In other terms, the outside of the product is designed to keep liquid in. So, putting one product over the top of another does not allow fluid to pass through, and therefore the outermost product is not being used. In fact, using two products with a moisture-proof backing may end up causing more leaks than just using one product.

Booster Solution

Booster pads feature a flow-through design, allowing fluid to pass through it – the opposite of a moisture-proof backing. Booster pads are designed to provide extra absorbency to another incontinence product, one with a moisture-proof backing. Therefore, booster pads are inserted inside a disposable brief or disposable absorbent underwear, for the additional protection one seeks when trying “diaper doubling”. So next time you think you need more absorbency or protection from leaks, buy a booster.

Booster pads are most often placed in the center of the disposable brief or disposable absorbent underwear, between the inner leg cuffs. We recommend positioning the pad in the target area where leakage generally occurs. This could be right in the middle, or it could be on the side (for side sleepers who experience leakage), in the front, or towards the front or back.

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