Tena Ultra Adult Diapers

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Tena Ultra Adult Diapers will keep you dry and comfortable with sides and absorbent core that are 100% breathable. The cloth like outer layer is made with micro-pores that allow excess moisture to evaporate.
You can adjust the refasten able tabs repeatedly for a custom fit anywhere in the diaper and the curved leg elastics ensure secure protection around your legs.
The InstaDry Skin-Caring System is designed to keep the surface of your skin dry and healthy. The Dry-Fast Core places super absorbent polymer exactly where you need it most to make you comfortable and reduce urine odor.
Tena Ultra Diapers also feature a moisture proof lining to protect your clothing and bed linens, which runs the full length of the diaper.

There is now a scannable bar code printed on the front of the diaper.

Latex Free. 

Medium fits waist sizes from 34" to 47". Gray. 40/bag, 2 bags/case.

Large fits waist sizes from 48" to 59". Blue. 40/bag, 2 bags/case.

XLarge fits waist sizes from 60" to 64". Beige. 15/bag, 2 bags/case.


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