Remedy Phytoplex No-Rinse Hydrating Spray Cleanser, 8 oz Pump Bottles

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Remedy Phytoplex Cleanser is now Remedy Clinical Hydrating Spray Cleanser. It  is a gentle, no-rinse formula for your hair, face and body. Use it from head to toe! It is tear free, hypoallergenic and pH balanced.
Low-sudsing and Sulfate-Free. Gentle conditioners help maintain your skin's moisture.
Remedy Clinical Hydrating Spray Cleanser is strong enough to remove paste, creams, blood and waste but is gentle enough to use on irritated and denuded skin.
Just spray it on and wipe it off!

Naturally scented vanilla.  8 oz bottles

Ideal for everyone from preemies to the elderly. Pediatrician tested. 

Free of: Aloe, Parabens, Phthalates, Sulfates, Dyes or Chemical Fragrances

Enhanced with Remedy Nutrient Complex. This nutritional complex leaves skin clean, nourished and hydrated and consists of:

• Vitamins, proteins, soy protein and yeast extract • Hydration, emollients and slow-release natural oils • Soothing antioxidants