Remedy Clinical No Rinse Foam Cleanser, 8 oz. Bottles

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Medline has been updating the bottles. You may get either the older version of the bottle or the new version while they transition the packaging.

Remedy Phytoplex Hydrating Cleansing Foam is now called Remedy Clinical No Rinse Foam Cleanser.  It is a gentle No-Rinse cleanser that is pH balanced.
Clings where applied and is easily removed with a wipe or washcloth.
Strong enough for removing barrier pastes and creams, blood and fecal material
Enhanced with Remedy nutrient complex for gentle cleaning and easy application.
Ideal for everyone from babies to seniors.

Remedy CLINICAL products are made for the most sensitive, at-risk skin. Free of: Aloe, Parabens, Phthalates, Sulfates, Dyes or Chemical Fragrances

Remedy CLINICAL includes many of Medline's most tested products. Combining the most advanced skin care science with gentle, therapeutic ingredients, each product contains their proprietary Remedy Nutrient Complex to nourish, soothe and support moisture balance while caring for the most sensitive skin.

This nutritional complex leaves skin clean, nourished and hydrated and includes:

• Vitamins, proteins, soy protein and yeast extract

• Hydration, emollients and slow-release natural oils

• Soothing antioxidants