AloeTouch 3G Synthetic Stretch Exam Powderfree Gloves

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A glove is so comfortable, it's patented! The Aloe Touch 3G Stretch Vinyl glove is as thick as other vinyl gloves but stretchy like Nitrile and softer than other vinyl gloves.

Fully coated with organic aloe vera for soothing comfort. All this for a great low price of $69.50 a case of 10 boxes or $29.50 for 3 boxes of 100!

 Medium, Large and XLarge.  

100 per box. Green.

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Hard-working hands don’t always get the treatment they deserve.

They may get washed dozens of times a day. Or, they may hardly get a chance to be washed at all. They’re exposed to chemicals and biologicals, acids and caustics all in a day’s work.

Aloetouch helps by making the moisturizing automatic, every time a glove is put on. And supple, happy hands are more likely to follow hand hygiene guidelines than dry, cracked ones—whether in a kitchen, a factory or an operating room.

Aloetouch gloves protect hands as they moisturize. Their strong material protects against bacteria and bleach, chemotherapy drugs and cleansers, serologics and soaps. Used the right way, Aloetouch gloves protect even more. They protect those around you. Clean soft hands are an added bonus.