Attends Shaped Bladder Control Pads

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Attend to your bladder control needs with Attends Shaped Bladder Control Pads. The unique contouring shape and high absorbency core help keep you dry and secure while you're in motion. With their discreet design, you can enjoy life without worrying about embarrassing leaks. Embrace the freedom of a worry-free day!

Attends Shaped Pads are absorbent contoured pads for heavy to severe incontinence.
  • Designed with ConfidenceCuff™ Protection to help prevent leaks around the legs to help keep you protected, and breathable materials to help keep you comfortable
  • Contains special odor-control properties to ensure confidence and dignity
  • Wide at the front and back, narrow in the middle

Available in 3 absorbencies:

Super - 13" W x 27"L, 20/bag, 80/case, very heavy absorbency

Plus - 12" W x 25.5" L, 20/bag, 80/case, heavy absorbency

Regular - 12" W x 25.5" L 20/bag, 80/case, moderate to heavy absorbency

Please note: Some sites have the Plus pads listed as "Super Plus" by mistake.  There is not a Super Plus pad, the Super is the most absorbent of the 3 pads.

Normal delivery time is 1 to 3 business days.