Abena Premium Slip Level 4 Adult Diapers (formerly Abri-Form Premium) - Clothlike Cover

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Abena has changed the name of the AbriForms to Abena Premium Slip.  The product hasn't changed, just the packaging. The quantities in the bags and cases are also changing.  As of May 10, 2023, the Small, Medium and XLarge sizes have transitioned to the new packaging. The Large is still being shipped in the old packaging.
  • Abena Premium Slip Level 4 adult diapers are designed to provide optimal security, comfort, and peace of mind
  • Perfect for moderate to heavy incontinence needs
  • Fully breathable clothlike outer cover promotes cooler and more comfortable experience, optimal for skin health
  • Super absorbent core
  • Anatomically-designed advanced leakage barriers extend the full length of the diapers are strategically placed and aligned with the body to reduce the chance of leakage
  • Advanced odor control system and innovative core locks away wetness and odors
  • Ultra flexible side panels- fastening system equipped with double-adhesive tabs and hooks to allow for easy repositioning
  • Skin Friendly

S4 -Small waist  24" to 34". Previous item #RB43056, new number 1000021282. 

        New packaging has 25 per bag, 75 per case. 2200 ml/74 oz absorbency

M4- Medium waist 27"-43". Previous item #RB43063, new number 1000021287.

        New packaging has 21 per bag, 84 per case. 3600 ml/122 oz absorbency.  The         price is $135.38 after the discount.

L4-Large waist 40"-60".  Previous item #RB43068, new number 1000021292.

18 per bag, 72 per case. 4000 ml/135 oz absorbency, 

XL4-Xlarge waist 44"-68".  12 per bag, 48 per case. 4000 ml/135 oz absorbency

This is not a pullup!


Normal delivery time will be three to five business days.