Abena Boost Booster Pads, 120/case

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ABENA-Boost™ is a rectangular incontinence pad designed without moisture-proof backing. This "Flow-Thru" design allows you to add ABENA Boost to any brand of disposable incontinence briefs or protective underwear to increase absorbency.

Advanced odor control systems and innovative cores lock away wetness and odors. Our super absorbent polymers, don’t just absorb liquid, they take in and trap the fluids that contain any unpleasant odors. This allows you to move about your day with confidence and dignity.

Not to be used with normal underwear.  Does not have an adhesive strip.

Holds up tp 1300 ml  (44 oz.).  Replaces item number 4035.

20 per bag, 6 bags per case.

Normal delivery time is 1 to 3 business days.