Ignite Body Wipes

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Big, thick body and facial cloth containing no-rinse cleansers, botanical extracts and clean, refreshing, invigorating scent.

Great for after work or workouts, long day, late nights, camping, or any time you need cooling off and cleaning up.

The Energizing Wipe is infused with coffee and pomegranate, the Stimulating Wipe is infused with ginseng and hawthorn berry.  The manufacturer hasn't specified what scent the Revitalizing wipe is.

Fast, easy, portable way to replace a shower or bath.

Ph balanced; hypoallergenic; alcohol-free; paraben-free; not flushable; large 8" x 8" wipes

10 wipes per pack, available in 5 packs per box or 30 packs per case.