The Wound Healing Potential of 100% Manuka Honey

The Wound Healing Potential of 100% Manuka Honey

Kathleen Van Vliet

 Hard-to-heal wounds can be painful for patients and challenging to treat for caregives. The unique properties found in honey can help you manage the different factors that delay healing in acute and chronic wounds.


Discover why honey is the natural solution

TheraHoney products contain 100% sterile, medical grade Manuka honey with no fillers or additives. Honey is well-tolerated by patients and helps promote healing in hard-to-treat wounds. It promotes debridement of damaged tissue, creates a moist wound healing environment and reduces odors coming from the wound

How it’s made

Manuka honey is derived from the pollen and nectar of the Leptospermum scoparium plant in New Zealand. The honeycomb is used only one time, and once harvested, the honey is carefully filtered, irradiated and tested in a laboratory for high efficacy.


We offer a variety of honey products to meet your patients’ unique needs. Medline’s Therahoney line includes four options for hard-to-heal chronic wounds: foam, gel, sheet and HD dressing.

TheraHoney products are recommended for use on:

  1. Partial and full-thickness wounds
  2. Leg ulcers
  3. Pressure injuries
  4. First- and second-degree burns
  5. Diabetic foot ulcers
  6. Surgical wounds and trauma wounds
  7. Minor abrasions, lacerations, minor cuts and minor scalds and burns

Foam Flex Wound Dressings

Foam Flex Honey-Impregnated Wound Dressing is the only honey-embedded foam dressing in the market. Its dual layer of 100% Leptospermum scoparium medical-grade honey and foam creates an optimal balance between moisture and absorption.

Key benefits:

  • Can be used on wounds with any drainage level
  • Foam layer helps reduce risk of maceration
  • No secondary dressing needed

Honey Wound Gel

Treat difficult-to-dress wounds with Honey Wound Gel It’s easy to apply and provides a moist wound healing environment.

Key benefits:

  • Can be used on wounds with no to moderate drainage
  • Unlike the leading competitor gel, TheraHoney gel contains 100% Manuka honey


Honey Wound Dressing Sheets

Create a custom-fitting dressing with Honey Wound Dressing Sheets. The sheets help advance healing while permitting the passage of exudate into a secondary dressing.

Key benefits:

  • Can be used on wounds with any drainage level
  • Easy to apply and cut to size
  • Porous texture allows for passage of exudate into a secondary dressing


TheraHoney HD Sheets

Get twice as much honey with TheraHoney HD Sheets. They have all the benefits of the traditional TheraHoney Sheet, with double the honey.

Key benefits:

  • Can be used on wounds with any drainage level
  • Available in two sheet sizes
  • Includes “ribbon” option for tunneling or undermining wounds