The Best Pullups and Tabbed Briefs

Kathleen Van Vliet

There are so many brands and styles of protective underwear (pullups) and tab-style adult diapers (briefs) on the market that it's hard to pick and choose between them. 

Depend® is still the most widely known brand of incontinence protection because it's advertised on TV and sold on grocery store shelves, but it's not the most absorbent option. There are many hospital and specialty brands that offer much higher absorbency and quality at a lower price.

At Magic Medical, we offer the most absorbent of the specialty brands that we know will provide you with maximum protection. 

There are a few that stand above the rest in value, absorbency and comfort and  have the highest recommendations from our customers.

First, the pullups:

Tranquility Premium Protection


       Tranquility Premium Overnight Underwear


This is our top seller and the top rated pullup for price and value!  Tranquility was one of the first to make an overnight pullup and they remain at the top of the list for absorbency and quality, holding up to 34 oz of fluid.  They feature the patented Kufguard leg cuffs that channel fluids into the core and away from the leg openings. Odor reduction, neutralization of the pH in urine and the inhibition of bacteria growth are some of the benefits of all Tranquility products. The pullups fit higher on the waist than other brands.

A wide range of sizes is available from  X-Small through 2XL. 


Wellness Absorbent Underwear



Wellness products are based on NASA inspired technology, mimicking the Maximum Absorbency Garments worn by astronauts, designed to last for up to 8 hours, according to the manufacturer.   A unique layered design wicks away the urine to a separate layer, keeping your skin dry and preventing odors to keep you feeling fresh. Our customers tell us it's the softest and most comfortable of the pullups we carry.

It comes in sizes Medium through 3XL



   Abena Abri-Flex Underwear Level 3


Abena is a well known and respected company in the incontinence and wound care industry.  Their pullup, the Abri-Flex, is a very absorbent, soft and comfortable pullup. It's made with a high count of elastic threads to ensure a snug fit.  The price isn't as high as it looks because there are more pullups in a case than the other brands, at 84 per case. There are other Abena pullups with less absorbency, but these are the most absorbent of their pullups.

Available in Medium and Large.


Next, the Briefs with Plastic covers: 

Molicare Briefs

  Molicare Slip Maxi Briefs (Adult Diapers)


These are the most absorbent of the Molicare line with the plastic outer cover, and still the most popular Molicare diaper. They are very absorbent, holding up to 65 oz of fluid and have dual tape tabs and leak cuffs. The backing is slightly stretchy, offering a snug fit. Excellent for severe incontinence. 

They're available in Small, Medium and Lg/Xlg.




  Abena Abri-Form Level 4 Briefs


The Abena Abri-Form Level 4 briefs used to be called the XPlus and they're the most absorbent of the Abena diapers with the plastic cover.  They feature a small elastic waistband at the back, refastenable tabs and leak guards that run the entire length of the diaper.  These are also excellent for severe incontinence, holding up to 135 oz., 4000 ml of fluid. 

Available in sizes Medium and Large.



    Tranquility All-Through-the-Night Briefs (ATN's)


Even though they are not quite as absorbent as the Molicare or Abena, the ATN's have been one of our best selling diapers for the last 20 years. Not everyone needs a diaper that holds 135 oz! They are an economical and high quality alternative to some of the other high capacity tabbed diapers.

The ATN's were one of the first high capacity overnight diapers on the market and their superior quality has been consistent since they were introduced.  The ATN's have a plastic cover with tape tabs and Kufguard leg cuffs. They hold up to 34 oz. of fluid and their patented Peach Mat reduces odor, inhibits bacterial growth and neutralizes the pH in urine to keep your skin healthy.

Available in sizes XSmall to Xlarge.



Wellness Original and Superio Briefs



The Wellness Original and Superio Briefs are based on NASA technology for high capacity undergarments.  Both the Original and Superio have plastic outer covers, interior leg cuffs and fasten with tape tabs. The manufacturer says that they are more economical to use because they require fewer changes. Their absorbency is comparable to the Abena and Molicare.

The Original is color coded and is recommended for use with bedridden patients. The Superio has a heavier outer plastic cover and higher leg cuffs.  The manufacturer recommends them for people with an active lifestyle.  

The sizes are remarkably different than other brands, with the medium starting much smaller than other brands. 

They're available in sizes from Medium through XLarge.


Last, the Briefs with Clothlike Outer Covers:



   Tranquility SmartCore Briefs


Even though the SmartCore briefs are not as absorbent as some of the other clothlike diapers we offer, they are one of the most popular.  They are the equivalent to the ATN in absorbency. The SmartCore has a clothlike outer cover with breathable sides and microhook fasteners for easy refastening and repositioning. It also features Kufguard leg cuffs and the Peach Mat core that reduces odor, inhibits bacterial growth and neutralizes urine pH for skin health.

They are available in sizes from Small to 2XL and are color-coded by size. The 2XL is one of the most absorbent 2XL briefs on the market.




    Medline Extended Wear Briefs


This is a highly absorbent, very soft and comfortable diaper with a clothlike outer cover and hook and look tabs. It holds up to 1000 ml of fluid under pressure! It's very economical compared to other high capacity diapers available. The entire outer cover is breathable. It has leg cuffs and a soft elastic waistband at the back.  It has all the features that you expect in a premium product without the high price tag!

The Medline Extended Wear diapers are available in sizes Small to Xlarge.



      Attends Premier Briefs


This is the newest and most absorbent of the Attends line of briefs. It holds up to 4 liters - 135 oz.  It's very plush and has a high-rise, full fit design with an absorbent core with extra coverage. The Attends Premier has a 100% breathable cover, ConfidenceCuffs leakage barriers and two wide refastenable tabs on each side.

The Attends Premier diapers are available in sizes Medium through Xlarge.