A Guide to Medline FitRight Adult Diapers and Pullups

Kathleen Van Vliet

Briefs (Adult Diapers with Tabs) 

  Made with a unique 4D Core™ that wicks away moisture and protects against odors. All FitRight briefs are designed to address two important incontinence concerns – keeping skin dry and maintaining skin integrity. Choose the one best suited to the individual’s needs. 

Recommended for those who: 

  • Have heavy bladder and bowel incontinence
  • Are bedbound and require a high level of caregiver assistance
  • Need containment and maximum moisture protection • Option to pair briefs with Double Up Booster Pads for added absorbency


Brief Types  

OptiFit™ Briefs

OptiFit adult diapers provide the best possible fit for the person wearing it. The 4D Core™ and core channel technology work to wick away fluids and protect against odors, including skin-safe closures for secure fastening and repositioning with a soft, garment-like feel. 

 EasyFlex™ Stretch Briefs

With a large back panel for extra backside coverage, two-way stretch and a large single tab, our Stretch Briefs are easy to apply and comfortable to wear. And, like all our FitRight Briefs, they do a superior job of wicking away moisture and absorbing odors.


 Specialty Size Briefs

With a high-capacity core, our Specialty Size adult diapers bring all the benefits of FitRight to discreetly accommodate a range of individuals – including flexible stretch panels for a secure, comfortable fit, cloth-like outer cover and skin-safe closures.

Extended Wear Briefs and Extended Wear Stretch Briefs

Extended Wear adult diapers have a high-performance core designed to keep individuals dry for long periods. They feature a breathable film that allows airflow for an optimal microclimate for skin, plus soft Leak-Stop™ Guards for protection and containment. 


Underwear (Adult Pullups)

Made for ambulatory individuals, Medline underwear feature Leak-Stop™ Guards, moisture-wicking technology and reduced chafing and sound when in motion. Discreet and disposable, they provide exceptional comfort, worry-free containment and can be pulled on and off just like normal underwear. 

Recommended for people who:

  • Have light to heavy bladder incontinence and/or occasional bowel incontinence
  • Want discreet protection that fits and feels like everyday underwear
  • Can walk on their own or need little to no assistance
  • Are lightly incontinent during the day and may need a little extra protection at night
  • Option to pair protective underwear with Double Up Booster Pads for added absorbency.
  • Available features in Medline underwear include Leak Stop leak guards, ChannelWick Technology to keep your skin drier and SensiSoft Fabric for a soft, garment-like fit.