Prevail PerFit Daily Underwear for Men

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  • PerFit® men’s underwear designed specifically for men, with the look and feel of everyday underwear
  • PerFit® features QuickWick with MaxSoft™ which quickly wicks wetness away from the skin
  • Odor Guard® to help prevent odors before they start
  • 360° Breathable Zones™ to help you stay cool and comfortable by allowing air to circulate
  • Dri-Fit™ to help you feel more natural
  • Comfort-Shape® with gentle elastics shape to your body for a more comfortable and discreet fit
  • Discreet shipping and FSA-eligible

Medium fits waist sizes of 34"-46", 20/bag, 4 bags/case, 80 total

Large fits waist sizes of 44"-58", 18/bag, 4 bags/case, 72 total

Xlarge fits waist sizes of 58"-68", 4 bags/case, 64 total

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PerFit® Underwear for Men

 Every PerFit® protective undergarment is designed for four things: comfort, absorbency, skin health, and discretion. If it didn’t do all four of those things, we wouldn’t put our name on the package.

 Live life to the fullest with protective underwear designed specifically for men experiencing moderate to heavy leakage. It has the look and feel of real underwear for comfortable and confident wear.

 QuickWick with MaxSoft™

Which quickly wicks wetness away from the skin

 Odor Guard™

Help stop odors before they begin

 360° Breathable Zones

Breathable material traps wetness inside but allows air, heat and humidity to escape; allowing the skin to breathe.

 Dri-Fit ™ to help you feel more natural by keeping your skin dry and comfortable.

 Provides exceptional protection and comfort

Comfort-Shape® with form-fitting elastics shape to your body for more comfortable and discreet wear. Masculine fit and targeted acquisition is designed specifically for men.