How to Treat Incontinence with Tena Adult Diapers

August 8, 2014
How to Treat Incontinence with Tena Adult Diapers

Incontinence is a discouraging problem, but using trusted incontinence supplies like Tena adult diapers can make life more manageable. A popular name amongst the healthcare industry, Tena offers a comprehensive selection of incontinence products- all at affordable prices, fit to satisfy any fixed budget.

With an overwhelming selection of incontinence supplies flooding the market, choosing the right product for you is more complex than ever before. Do you need light protection for those “just in case” moments, or do you require super absorption for frequent fecal matters? Whether you’re suffering from chronic or occasional incontinence, Tena products offer a wide range of product solutions for any number of concerns.

Selecting the Right Tena Products

You may think all incontinence supplies are created equally, but think again. No matter how reputable the brand, selecting a product that doesn't fit or adequately contain your incontinence can pose some serious consequences like the following:

  • Embarrassing odors caused by urinary and/or fecal collection
  • Skin breakdown due to excess moisture
  • Leakage due to lax fit

As you can see, the right fit makes the world of difference. Because of this, it’s important to recognize what type of protection is best suited for you to ensure both your comfort and confidence are aligned.

Made with ultra-absorbent, premium materials, Tena is brand that boasts a myriad of incontinence options for the active or stationary user. From pullups and protective underwear to ultra absorbent briefs, Tena incontinence products are tailored to each person’s unique circumstance.

Why choose Tena adult diapers for your incontinence needs? Take a look at some of the few reasons how this trusted brand can benefit you.

  • Improved Life Quality: Tena classic briefs are equipped for day and night comfort and durability, allowing peace of mind without the worries of sporadic incontinence.
  • Ensures Lasting Comfort: Tena adult diapers are fashioned with curved leg elastics for a secure fit, ensuring you or your loved ones are protected at all times.
  • Skin Protection: With Tena’s InstaDri Skin-Caring technology, you can rest assured that your skin stays protected against breakdown. Using a dual core technology that quickly absorbs moisture, users are less susceptible to skin irritation and the possibilities of infection and ulcers.
  • Super Absorption: To reduce accidental leakage, Tena products come in a range of ultra and super absorbency levels that are fashioned with powerful surface inlets that contain all types of incontinence (best for nighttime use).
  • Odor Protection: Thanks to Tena’s pH-balanced protection pads, embarrassing odors are a thing of the past.
  • Cost Efficient & Economical: Ultra absorbency and dual core technology reduce the need for frequent changing; allowing you or your loved one to cut back on excess costs.

Can’t decide which Tena adult diaper is right for you? Check our comparative list of available products to see what supplies best meet your needs. Isn’t time you get on the right track to a carefree life - without incontinence holding you back?