The Transition Made Easy:  Easy Steps to Using Adult Diapers

Oct 1,2015
The Transition Made Easy: 5 Easy Steps to Using Adult Diapers

The Transition Made Easy: Easy Steps to Using Adult Diapers

By no means is it a moment of embarrassment or shame when the time comes to consider using adult diapers. The adult diaper  can now provide discreet security for those unable to utilize bathrooms in the way that would be necessary for their physical state. Adult diapers are a tool in keeping you safe, comfortable and at ease, eliminating the need for constantly being anxious about whether there's a bathroom or not next door.

Why Use Them?

The most common reason people resort to using adult diapers is that a form of incontinence pervades their bladder system. While lots of people live in urban areas where a bathroom is almost always just around the corner, even this sort of access is not enough to provide security against having an accident, either in public or at home. Many people suffer from incontinence, which afflicts not only the elderly but also the young, and everyone in between. There are different kinds of incontinence provoked by different medical concerns, as listed below.

  • Stress. In this instance, urine is released due to coughing or sneezing, which puts pressure on the bladder.
  • Urge. This form of incontinence presents itself in immediate urination after feeling the urge to go.
  • Fecal. A sudden and unexpected release of the bowls can be a cause for incontinence concerns.
  • Frequent Urination. An overactive bladder can reveal itself in someone who might need to go to the bathroom more than eight times a day.
  • Functional. This type of incontinence occurs in those who can't get themselves to the bathroom in time. Common cases are in those with Alzheimer's disease, wherein they may not be able to time the situation right.
  • Overflow. Overflow incontinency happens when the bladder does not empty itself properly. Spillage and leaks can occur in this case.

It's also been observed that people, when put into a situation where bathroom access is not readily available at the moment that it would be needed, often resort to using adult diapers. Truck drivers, for instance, might consider using adult diapers along their routes, and some gamblers have been known to wear diapers in order to not have to get up from a game or a slot machine.

Different Varieties

Given the vast array of adult diapers currently available on the market, it's important to do a little research first before buying just any brand.  Abena,  Molicare, Tranquility, and Wellness are a few brands alongside of the more popular Depends offering all sorts of forms of adult diapers. Here are some considerations you need to make about your ideal adult diaper before diving into the commercial world to buy some.

Style - Adult diapers are available in several different absorbencies and have different features . For example, there are briefs with plastic or cloth-like backing, daytime and overnight briefs, pull-ups, belted undergarments, and even swim diapers.

Comfort - Think about whether or not you care for your diaper to be mostly comfortable or mostly effective.

Durability - Some diapers are made to be more durable than others. For instance, fecal incontinence products exhibit a great deal of durability and are made to protect from both urine and feces.

Discretion - Consider whether you care to have a diaper that is more subtle, but potentially less durable, than another.

Endurance - Use your lifestyle as a gauge for how enduring you'll need your diaper to be. Daily activities should be considered in this instance.

Sizing - Get an accurate measurement of your waist and hips in order to best find the size of diaper that will be most suited to your needs. Inappropriately sized diapers will not work effectively.

Convenience of use - Will you be changing yourself, or will someone else be changing you? This can also affect what types of diapers you use.

Style -  Consider how you will need your diapers to function, and research which styles will best promote which lifestyles.

Your lifestyle should generally dictate where you go with your diaper needs, including whether or not you will need someone to assist you in changing. No matter what that lifestyle is, there is certain to be adult diapers out there which can fully meet your needs. The adult diaper is a highly common tool used by teenagers and grandparents alike, and represents a great way to gain control again of your own bladder's functions.