What is the difference when it comes to Tranquility Diapers?

September 26, 2014
What is the difference when it comes to Tranquility Diapers?

As a caregiver or someone who uses adult diapers, you already know there can be a great difference between various diaper brands. This article will review Tranquility incontinence products and explain some of the key reasons why Tranquility diapers are considered to be of both great quality as well as value.

Tranquility Premium OverNight Pull-On Underwear

Tranquility diapers are designed with the idea that dignity matters. Incontinence doesn’t have to be embarrassing because with the right diaper or pad, no one has to even know about it.

Tranquility diapers are designed to:

  • Absorb liquids quickly to keep the user dry and comfortable
  • Neutralize odors to prevent embarrassment and discomfort
  • Prevent bacterial growth to keep the wearer healthy
  • And provide many absorbency options to suit a variety of incontinence needs

Tranquility diapers promise superior skin dryness.

This helps prevent skin irritation as well as reduce the odor of urine. Tranquility diapers are designed to absorb two times the urine most people will void at once and they’re designed to do this instantly. In addition to that, the peach-colored core of every diaper is designed to trap moisture even when it’s under pressure from sitting or lying down. This helps keep the user dry and prevent skin irritation.

Tranquility diapers

Tranquility diapers promise more odor reduction…

In addition to absorbing urine quickly, the peach core in Tranquility diapers also helps neutralize the odor of urine once it’s absorbed. Not only that, this absorbancy helps keep the user healthy by helping to prevent any bacterial growth. Bacteria love moist and warm environments. Because Tranquility diapers absorb so much, so fast, they help prevent bacterial problems that are more common with less absorbent products.

According to the manufacturer, Tranquility diapers can typically provide protection from 6 to 8 hours before they need to be changed. This helps ease the wearer’s anxiety in social situations as well as help them enjoy uninterrupted sleep.

Tranquility Diapers offer a variety of options and types of protection

Tranquility offers a wide range of products to suit many incontinence needs ranging from light and moderate protection to heavy and maximum protection. These options are intended to help individuals have the right level of protection for their needs. Someone with stress incontinence may find that they only need light protection whereas someone with reflex incontinence might need maximum protection.

In addition to the varying levels of absorbency, Tranquility also provides booster pads which can be used in conjunction with diapers to add a second layer of protection and peace of mind for the wearer. These booster pads can be a big convenience for the wearer, allowing them to change the pad without changing their diaper while out of the house or for more convenience during the night.

Because of their quality, comfort and reasonable price, Tranquility diapers are considered among the best adult incontinence products available today.