Maximum Protection & Comfort with Molicare Diapers

April 25 2015
Maximum Protection & Comfort with Molicare Diapers

If you're looking for a great adult diaper, you're going to find the best quality if you focus on hospital grade products like the Molicare line. These will offer better absorbency, odor control and fit when compared to products that you'd find at your local pharmacy. Here are some reasons why. Specifically, we'll look at two very popular types: The Molicare Super Plus and the Molicare Comfort Super.


The Molicare Maxi Slip line of diapers have a blue outer covering that feature "pinstripes" on each side. These are wetness indicators where the ink disappears when the diaper gets wet. Molicare Maxi Slip Diapers also feature two adhesive tapes on each side which allow for easy unfastening and fastening. Plus they include inner leak barriers on each side as well as elastic at the legs that allow for maximum comfort. The Super Plus line is great for overnight use but they are on the bulky side.

So, for great protection, with all the features of the Super Plus except for the amount of padding, we recommend the Molicare Comfort Super. The Comfort Super diapers are very similar to the Super Plus Diapers, but without the same amount of padding, extending into the sides. So, they offer a little less coverage but are much less bulky. They make more sense for daytime use since they're much more discreet.


The plastic backing on both of these diapers is very durable, and it is made to stretch so that it allows for ease of movement. The backing is also very discrete and doesn't make noise when the wearer is moving.

Leg Bands

These Molicare Diapers also use elastic at the leg openings, which is highly effective in creating a very close fit around the legs and offers great flexibility. This helps the diaper move with you while also maintaining a close fit and guarding against leakage.

Inner Leak Barriers

The Molicare Super Plus Diapers offer very effective inner leakage barriers to help the wearer stay dry, even during the course of moving around at night, to experience more restful sleep. While the Molicare Comfort Super Diapers cut back on the amount of padding to keep the diaper slimmer, they offer great protection and comfort for daytime use.


The padding for the Molicare Super Plus Diaper uses a "figure 8" shape, with padding going out towards the wings. It comes out far enough past the elastic in the front so that it will catch any wetness that doesn't get caught by the standing elastic leak barrier. This diaper offers great protection for extended wear, like overnight. However, if you're looking for a less bulky diaper that also offers great protection, we recommend the Molicare Comfort Super. This diaper is better for daytime use since it offers the great protection Molicare is known for but it's much more discreet under clothing than the Super Plus.


Molicare products are definitely a standout on the market today because they are made with the highest levels of quality control. There is great consistency in each diaper, and almost no defect rate.

Whether you choose the Molicare Super Plus Diaper or the Molicare Comfort Super or both for Night and Day use – you'll know you have the best in incontinence protection.

  • Anti-leak cuffs provide maximum containment
  • The Perfect –fit Stripe allows for snug but comfortable fit
  • Wetness indicators help you know when it's time to change the diaper
  • Comfort stretch backing allows maximum freedom of movement.
  • Dual tape closures offer ease in fastening and refastening.

The Molicare Super Plus Adult Diaper gives you the best in terms of absorbency, and comfort. While the Molicare Comfort Super offers you incredible protection while remaining discreet, with its less bulky construction. Why take chances when it comes to staying dry? You'll want the confidence that comes from the Molicare line. Check out our complete Molicare selection here and let us know if you have any questions. We're always happy to help.