Adult Diapers Make Your Life More Flexible

Oct 1,2015
Adult Diapers Make Your Life More Flexible

Adult Diapers Make Your Life More Flexible

Many people associate incontinence with old age, but there are many conditions that can cause urinary or bowel leakage. People with reduced mobility often need adult diapers, as do pregnant women in the final trimester. Some medications may cause incontinence or loose bowels. People with cognitive impairment such as dementia may forget to use a toilet when necessary. People who struggle with incontinence sometimes restrict their activities because they are afraid of having an embarrassing accident in public. They may be hesitant to wear an adult diaper, but the protection and security they offer can allow you to enjoy your life without worrying. Many adult diapers are very discrete, containing both fluid and odor so you can enjoy social and physical activities with confidence.

Reasons to Wear Adult Diapers

Adult diapers allow users to run errands, socialize with friends and participate in recreational activities. Incontinence is not the only reason someone might choose to wear a diaper. As the famous cross-country road trip of one NASA astronaut showed us, adult diapers can be beneficial in many situations. Adult diapers are a convenient option in many situations where access to a restroom may be limited, including:

  • Long Road Trips – It’s important to stay hydrated when driving long distances, but clean restrooms are not always available over long stretches of highway, and some drivers simply prefer not to make frequent stops. With an adult diaper you can continue on your journey without the hassle of regular bathroom breaks. This can be especially beneficial for truck drivers who face long hours on the road and demanding delivery schedules. Pilots on long flights can also benefit from adult diapers.
  • Concerts, Festivals and Other Events – Crowded events in sprawling venues often have few public restrooms. The facilities available are often difficult to get to; you may have to fight your way through a crowd and wander to the outer edges of the venue to locate a restroom or portable toilet, which may be dirty and overused. Lines can be long, and you don’t want to waste your time at an event waiting endlessly to relieve your bladder.
  • Casinos – This may seem unusual, as casinos generally have plenty of restrooms, but avid gamblers are often hesitant to leave a slot machine or table that is hot.

Types of Adult Diapers

Adult diapers come in many varieties to suit your unique needs. Whether you suffer from the occasional slight leak or a more frequent, heavier flow, it’s easy to find a product designed to accommodate you. When choosing an adult diaper, look for the following features:

  • Absorbency – There is a wide range in the protectiveness offered by adult diapers. Some are quite thin and are meant to absorb only a light amount of fluid. These are discrete and virtually undetectable underneath the clothing. Other products offer moderate or heavy protection. While these can be a bit bulkier, they provide the absorption necessary to contain major accidents. However, even products with heavy absorption should be changed frequently.
  • Attachment Style - Pull-on pants are the least likely to shift, but many users prefer a style that is more adaptable to their body type. Some liners feature refastenable tape tabs that keep the panel in place, while others have hook-and-loop fasteners. Many make it possible to tighten or loosen the diaper to suite your shape. An elastic waistband can also contribute to a proper fit.
  • Cover – Some varieties come with a built-in leak guard for added protection against urine and fecal leaks. All brands have a waterproof outer cover, whether it be plastic or cloth-like. This is particularly beneficial for patients who are immobile and those who lack the cognitive resources to alert their caregivers when they are in need of a new diaper.

Whether you struggle with incontinence due to age or a medical issue or you are simply need a strategy for surviving a situation where restrooms will be in short supply, an adult diaper can enable you to live your life without fear of an embarrassing accident. Don’t be confined by your bladder; find an adult diaper that suits your needs so you can enjoy the freedom you deserve.