Which Adult Diaper or Protective Underwear is Right for You?

Jan 12,2015
Which Adult Diaper or Protective Underwear is Right for You?

When it comes to adult diapers and protective underwear, most people know about the brands advertised on television but, as with most things, choosing without doing your homework can lead to purchasing a subpar product. That’s why Magic Medical has your bases covered, with many options to suit your own personal needs. As always, all of our protective underwear is latex free, have tear-away sides, and have a clothlike cover.

That said, there are several different options to consider when figuring out which undergarment to choose, from overall comfort, absorbency, longevity, size and many other considerations. Thankfully, we keep them all in mind when determining our selection, as well as the various features that make our customers’ lives a little easier or improves their quality of life, such as elastic waists and refastenable tabs.

An easy source of confusion when shopping for adult diapers is the difference between adult diapers and protective underwear. Adult diapers, also called briefs, are fastened on the sides with either tape or Velcro tabs. Protective underwear is a pull up style with no tapes or tabs. Picking between the two is basically a choice made based on one’s lifestyle - a more active person might prefer protective underwear, while someone who is more bed-bound might opt for an adult diaper.

While we offer a wide and varied line of many superior protective underwear and adult diapers, we do recommend two brands in particular, that stand above and beyond in quality, construction, and reliability.

When it comes to protective underwear, we recommend the Tranquility line of products. They’re designed to provide incredible absorbancy and protection while keeping comfort and style in mind – so the wearer not only gets the coverage they need, they can still enjoy their active lifestyle and feel dry and confident.

As for our diapers, Molicare makes some of the best diapers we sell, especially when it comes to absorbency. Molicare Super Plus diapers are known to be some of the softest and most absorbent diapers available. They give their wearers more peace of mind and confidence. Not only do they offer superior absorbency, their unique construction provides special wicking to keep the wearer dry and comfortable.

Whichever diaper or protective underwear you choose, you can always rest assured that Magic Medical will ensure you receive them quickly and at the best price available. Our products are designed to improve your quality of life no matter which you choose, and it’s our pleasure to make them available to you.

To learn more, please visit our comparison page for a quick rundown on what we have and how absorbent our products are. These are important decisions to make, and you can always count on Magic Medical to help you make the best decision for you and your loved ones.