Choosing an Adult Diaper: Considerations and Styles

April 13 2015
Choosing an Adult Diaper: Considerations and Styles


The type of diaper or protective underwear you choose will ultimately be related to the level of absorbency that is required. There are some individuals that require a diaper with medium absorbency, while others need something that offers greater protection levels.

Since needs can change from day to day, it can also be a good idea to have more than one option on hand to keep the wearer comfortable and confident whatever the day may bring.

Style and Mobility

Most adult diapers are used to replace one's underwear. These are the main varieties:

  • Pull-ups. These are disposable and are can be taken on an off with ease. Pull-ups are designed to feel like regular underwear.
  • Fastened. Fastenable adult diapers are another disposable style, called "briefs" and they have a design that features fasteners on the sides.

The style of the diaper or briefs you prefer can depend a lot on mobility and activity level. For instance, if the wearer has limited mobility it's usually best to choose briefs with fasteners. Fasteners allow the briefs to be changed quickly, which can be particularly useful if the individual is bedridden.

If mobility isn't really an issue, then it is usually best to choose a diaper that can easily fit underneath clothing, making it easy to get around just as you would with underwear.

Protective Underwear or Pullups

There are now diapers on the market that operate more like regular underwear and can be easily taken on and off.

  • These are the most widely used kind of protective underwear by active adults. Less active, or more bed-bound people use fastenable briefs, as mentioned above.
  • Pullups provide a very high level of protection against leakage and are almost impossible to notice.
  • The discretion pullups afford gives the wearer much more confidence.
  • Like ordinary underwear, they are very lightweight and breathable.

Booster Pads

These are guards and liners that increase the longevity of incontinence undergarments. If you know you'll be in a situation where you might not get a bathroom break for an extended period, these can be a great idea to give you extra protection, just in case.

Some examples of great diapers:

We offer many varieties but these should give you an idea of the way diapers can differ from type to type and brand to brand.

  • Molicare SuperPlus. These perform very well in a variety of contexts. They offer high levels of paper thickness as well as a proprietary gel construction that has "wicking" capabilities, designed to use more padding before the diaper needs to be changed.
  • Tranquility ATN. This is another great diaper that we recommend often because it's a little more economical than our first recommendation, the Molicare SuperPlus diapers, but still provides excellent comfort and protection.
  • Tena Super. This has a soft, clothlike breathable outer cover and it absorbs liquid very quickly – even quicker than Molicare and Tranquility diapers above. We recommend this as a great overnight diaper.

Typically, you will find the most variety in adult diapers online, where you can find hospital grade products. These higher-grade products provide the ultimate in incontinence protection, comfort and confidence.

By factoring in these tips, you will be in a much better position to purchase the best adult diaper for yourself or your patient's needs. But what it really comes down to is personal preference – what makes you or the person you care for comfortable and confident? As always, if you ever need any help finding the right product for you, please email or give us a call anytime.