Tranquility's Capacity Under Pressure

Feb 20, 2016

You'll find that several brands of adult diapers will list the amount of fluid that they hold. However, most of these brands are tested under "free-swell" conditions where fluid is merely applied onto the diaper to see how much it will absorb. There isn't additional testing done to determine how much fluid the diaper will retain once someone sits or lays down while wearing it.

Tranquility incontinence products are tested a different way - for Capacity Under Pressure. Here is the manufacturer's explanation of they way they test their products:

The measure of "fluid capacity" of ALL Tranquility absorbent products uses a test method that simulates wearing conditions.The test exerts pressure on the product after saturation.

The amount of moisture that is retained after pressure is applied (liquid absorbed by product that cannot be forced out), is the cup amount that is displayed on the package of each absorbent products in every size as ACTUAL fluid capacity. Absorbent products absorb more fluid under the "free-swell" conditions than they retain under pressure.

Loved ones that are using incontinence products are sitting, standing, walking and lying down - all of which exerts pressure on the product. Caregivers are acutely aware that RETENTION is a key factor in incontinence management.

A normal urine void is 8 to 12 fluid ounces. Products that absorb 1 cup are considered light protection, 2 cups moderate protection, 3 cups heavy protection and 4 cups maximum protection. Each individual Tranquility product displays its actual fluid capacity using easy-to-read standard measuring cups.

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