Attends EXTRA ABSORBENT Breathable Adult Diapers, Small, 96 per case, Shipping Included

Attends Breathable Adult Diapers, Extra Small/Youth, 96 per case, Shipping Included

Attends Breathable Adult Diapers, Extra Small/Youth, 96 per case, Shipping Included
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The manufacturer has changed the sizing to make this size slightly smaller than before, 20" to 30". They have added a new Small size to their products, which fits waist sizes from 25" to 34".

Attends Breathable Adult Diapers provide superior protection with the additional benefit of breathability for enhanced skin care.
Breathable side panels and soft inner liner provide comfort and promote healthier skin.
Cloth-like outer covering for a discreet look and feel.
Triple-tier moisture locking system delivers superior performance and leakage protection while promoting skin wellness and managing odor.
Soft, flexible Comfort Flex-Tabs fasten anywhere for a secure, tailored fit.

Small fits waist sizes from 20" to 30". This is a special order item and can not be returned. Please call us with any questions on sizing.

These are not pullups!

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GREAT Diapers...Son LOVES!
I have a 12 year old son that suffers with daytime and nighttime incontinence caused by peripheral neuropathy...a condition he was born with and which we didn't determine until he was 6 years old. The problem affects and slowly degrades the nerves leading to his bladder and sphincter muscles. Apart from that, my son is a totally healthy, active and smart kid who does well in school and has lots of friends. Unfortunately peripheral neuropathy is incurable and progresses over time, meaning that my son is totally/100% bladder incontinent and has gradually started to experience problems with bowel incontinence as well. His doctors have told us that by the time he graduates from high school, he will most likely suffer from total and irreversible bladder AND bowel incontinence. My son's problem meant that we were never able to fully potty train him when he was 2-3 years old, so he's had to wear diapers his whole life. Because he's never been able to wear regular boys briefs/underpants like his brother and myself, he really doesn't have much of a problem wearing his diapers and is accustomed to having his diapers changed multiple times a day.

Even though he's pretty fit and athletic, he still has a fairly small waist and legs for his age...meaning that it's been difficult for us to find diapers that fit him snugly and absorb everything, but that don't look like Pampers or Huggies "baby diapers" (as he calls them). Until the last year or so, Pampers large size ("size 7" I think?) have been our go-to diaper, but because he's still growing up and starting to wet more in his diapers during the day and at night, AND because he's also started to experience increasingly frequent bowel incontinence, we needed a disposable diaper in his size that he could wear and that would hold everything he puts into them. We also needed a diaper that didn't have Muppets characters or other childish designs on them. After some research, a few weeks ago I found these Attends Extra Absorbent disposable diapers for youth/teens that also seemed to get good reviews elsewhere. They were a good price, shipped fast, and looked like they were durable and well-made.

When the Attends arrived to the house I immediately opened the box and inspected one of the diapers and it seemed to be exactly as described in the online description and reviews. When my son got home from school, he went to his room and laid down on his bed as usual so I could change his dirty diaper. When he saw that I had a new type of diaper for him to wear he was excited because it didn't have any childish designs on it. I handed him the diaper to inspect as I cleaned him up and he was very impressed. Once I placed the new diaper underneath his bottom, pulled up the front and taped the sides, we were both impressed with how well the diaper seemed to fit him. It was snug without being too tight and the padding was perfectly positioned where he needs it the most. The leg openings are soft and snug and do a good job preventing leakage. In the month or so that my son has worn these Attends, he's also messed/pooped his diaper a dozen or so times; but because of how well they are made, it's difficult to tell when he's messed in his diaper...they have good odor control features which seems to block most foul smells. Thankfully the only way I usually know when he's messed/pooped his diaper is when I open up the diaper to change him or when he tells me beforehand that he "went number 2" in his diaper.

Because these diapers are larger than Pampers and contain thicker/more absorbent padding, there is a slightly more obvious crinkle sound when he wears them as opposed to the Pampers. However, after reading up on how to reduce the crinkle sounds made by his diapers, I also bought him some regular boys white briefs to put on over his diaper when going to school and other places away from home. They reduce the crinkle factor a lot and seem to get the job done pretty well.

Overall, Attends are a GREAT, very absorbent and well-made disposable diaper for my son to wear. They absorb almost every bit of wetness and block out the typical messy diaper smells. Even though we're currently still changing his diapers...wearing these Attends has finally spurred his desire to begin changing his own diapers so we have started to show him how to change himself...DEFINITELY a good thing.
Review by ParkeR0027 / (Posted on 9/18/2016)
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